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Be Yourself

Many times we express our adulation towards a celebrity and silently hope that we too must be "like them". To be "like them" we consciously emulate their mannerisms & try to be them. So engrossed are we in this process that we seldom ever realize that we are by ourselves a different person. We may hide our true self behind politically correct "opinions" and manners. But at the bottom, every man knows it well that he is unique creature, and that by no other probability will such a fantastically designed person exist, with a deeply interwoven attitudes & beliefs, closely held values & perception of life. By no other chance would so many incidents shape his thinking, his upbringing shape his culture, his mind so very unique integrate all those things to form a coherent perception about everything in life. A complete opposite of this situation are few ultra-modernistic guys who make it a point to be different for no other purpose than to attract a…

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