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The Magic of Superstars

{ This entry presupposes a reasonable familiarity with telugu, tamil and hindi film industry. Yet, the theme is pretty general and can be read even otherwise. }

Superstardom is a very magnificent phenomenon. This phenomenon has been extremely fascinating to me and I had often thought much about the subject. In very simple terms a superstar can be defined as the person unchained by the character he enacts and it’s him that shines from the character he enacts throughout.

There is a very clear difference between the person and the superstar. And its very much apparent if we tend to look at the personal life of these people. The rebel and angry young man of yesteryears Amitabh Bacchan is seen to be very polite and soft spoken person. The flamboyant and serious looking Chiranjeevi is quite humble and of jovial disposition outside. And of course Rajnikanth the flashy star with his trademark punch-lines and frequently dreamlike fight sequences is very modest and simple in his real life and sur…

Rational Vs Emotional

Rational Vs Emotional I was contemplating for long over what should be my first contribution in this blog. There are so many topics to be decided and hence it’s quite a complex task. My getting emotional about the first entry gave me fodder to think of the topic where man is basically disposed toward reasoning or emotion. Or in more definite terms, is man essentially rational or irrational? And is our contemporary thinking that emotionless man is the ideal, correct? Or is the contention of a minority, but persistent minority than man must live in harmony with nature i.e. return to the emotional level accurate? I’m inclined to think that both function in sync to build up the whole man. Most of the intuitions we are subjected to in a sense is not reasoning but an emotional gut feeling. So far, rational man and intuitive man have been considered rivals inasmuch as their philosophies are concerned. A rational man fears intuition whereas the other ridicules conceptualization. A balance of bot…

About myself and Disclaimer

Disclaimer: I don’t claim to be original in any of my ideas. Nor do I consider that what I’ll write would be ground-breaking in any case. And I’m influenced by too many persons to make a note of them here. I consider myself to be a generalist, who despite not being a subject expert has the sense to make a synthesis of many apparently unconnected things and events. I seek to view any situation from a total point of view and understand the intricacies and simplicities. I do not belong to any school of thought of any contemporary philosophies. I take what I’m convenient with and leave the rest. For I firmly believe that the Almighty has already given us a code of living and we’re unable to interpret it in the right manner to make purposeful lives. I’m deeply indebted to all my friends for enabling me to become what I’m today. There are however few whom I consider to be the major influences in my life. Few friends were full of solace amidst problems and quite relieving resulting in my belief …