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My pilgrimage in Coastal Karnataka

What’s it about travelling that greatly transforms one’s perspective? Is it the first-hand realization of the transience of worldly affairs that we otherwise put at the center of our existence? Is it because, for a brief period, we tend to remove our self-centric lens and instead try to be more empathetic to our surroundings? There is something profoundly meaningful and satisfying about travelling.
While the above is true of traveller and pilgrim, the latter’s journey extends both ways: external and inner. For the philosophical, a pilgrimage is more than an act of travelling, transcending physical realms and touching the mind more than the body.
The Tour Begins
My one self-imposed condition, during this journey, was to be as Spartan as possible. Though my meagre savings at that point might have been a factor, I think the decision was prompted by the genuine desire to travel with the masses, to experience from close quarters how their everyday life is. 
When I was starting from Goa, the i…

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