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Philosophy : Who needs it?

The philosophers have onlyinterpretedthe world, in various ways. The point, however, is to changeit. – Karl Marx
A friend once commented that reading philosophy is waste of time. Most of the things are absurd and are of absolutely no relevance to daily life. One doesn’t need philosophy to be happy in life!
Infact I agree with him. I think what man primarily needs to be happy is power. For example if you lose your cellphone and if you have the power (wealth here) to buy another without least hesitation that you don’t need to bother about it at all! On the other hand if you can’t buy another straight away and have to settle with another of lesser price you would philosophize that the principal use of cellphone is to communicate and other features are quite unnecessary. And if it’s not possible to buy another right away, one will say that hardly 10 years back none had these devices and yet all were quite content!!
Philosophy is thus the rationalization of human weakness which makes allowan…

Of babas, Gurus and Swamis...!!!

Inquiry is fatal to certainty. - Will Durant.
Last week, most of the TV channels were full of news relating to some babas (aka gurus, swamis etc). I’m amazed looking at the popularity these people have managed to possess. More astonishing is the fact that they run big business empires under the cover of spirituality. We need to save God from these people literally.!!!! Hahaha
Hindus in general are less informed of their religion than followers of other religions. However I’m against these sects centred on Human-Worship. Such man-centric worship removes all traces of sanity in men and makes them scapegoats to all kinds of rubbish. People must enquire adequately before making their final move to faith. Though I call myself a Hindu and believer and have a set of beliefs, values  and also interested mental speculation I’m usually a positivist(someone who emphasizes observable facts and excludes metaphysical speculation about origins or ultimate causes) when it comes to others and concerns t…

The Perennial Problem of Evil

There are few philosophical questions always confound the human mind. One of the major issues that had been especially problematic to theists has been the “problem of evil”.
Broadly stated the problem of evil consists of the supposed incompatibility and contradiction of the following 3 statements:
1.) God is all good. 2.) God is all-powerful 3.) Evil exists in a world where God is both all-powerful & all-good.
Hence, this leads to two assumptions God allows evil. (against our presumption that He’s all-good)He’s not willing to address it (against our presumption that he’s all powerful)This is really a problem which religious men of all times have answered in various degrees. So why does evil exist at all on this marvellous wonderful creation by a benevolent God?
Why are we against our own genuine intentions of peace thrust against an evil world? Philosophers have given an explanation worth thousands of pages in an effort to answer this. Hence, we must not be discouraged if we’re un…

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