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Rising Intolerance !! Moving away from rationality!

I stay in a certain area of Hyderabad which has considerable Muslim presence as the result of which I’m reasonably familiar with their way of life. Recently my brother informed me of one Dr Zakir Naik, an Islamic preacher who attracts significant following among Muslim youth.
I was informed that Naik is a super-intellectual who proved that Islam is the only true religion while others are wrong. Out of mere curiosity, I started searching for his lectures in Youtube. Most of his talks are full of mystery to me. I simply can’t understand how this man can win this much popularity .According to me even a simple graduate must be able to see through his nonsense.
Most of his talks are rhetorical; he simply announces a “fact” rather than reasoning it out. Most of his theories are quite irrelevant to me as I have no inclination to research minute details of historical texts. However there is one particular theory which gave me Goosebumps literally.
Naik was once asked by a non-Muslim on his TV sh…

The Moment of Monumental Metamorphosis !!!

{This is my maiden attempt at fiction. I have styled it like The Enlightenment of Buddha albeit in a more radical & iconoclast manner. Needless to say this is not original but heavily inspired by various things foremost among which are German Philosopher Frederich Nietzsche’s works. Don’t sue me for plagiarism!   )
{  Introducing this, would in a way not be appropriate. But suffice it to say that this is a first-person narrative of a man who’s suffered a lot and deep into contemplation comes across thoughts that………………………………… }

Disclaimer: This work is a fictional account of a true story. 

It was the dead of night with only an eerie silence and black sky accompanying me.  Was I laughing? Yes, laughing as though that were the only substitute for bursting into tears.  I perhaps knew why is it that man alone laughs!! He alone suffers so much pain that he was compelled to invent laughter.
I was waiting………….waiting for nothing… “What went wrong? Where did it go wrong? Why only me?”. Such qu…

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