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The Politicization of Caste System

Enough has been written about how caste system is blot on Hinduism. Since caste is the stick to beat Hinduism, many well-intentioned Hindus often resort to total condemnation of this practise in its entirety without deliberating on its historically flexible nature and its subsequent distortion under two foreign regimes.

Caste system is based on the understanding that humans are different and this difference needn’t be forcefully levelled, instead it can be nourished for the benefit of the whole society through division of work. This explanation may appear a tad too romantic unless we compare it with the record of so-called egalitarian ideologies.
Equality or Uniformity?
Humans aren’t equal by nature. Whereas animals appear [to humans?] remarkably same, no two humans think alike in all aspects. Each human is endowed with a unique perspective which needn’t tally with majority.
Equality therefore is valid as in “equal before law” & “equality to opportunities”. Otherwise, equality in the…

How Secularism feeds Communalism in India

These days we often find mainstream media feverishly arguing that “secularism”, the most coveted ideal of India is under attack from “communal Hindus”. We will argue how the Indian state’s secularism, inspired from Western democracies, indirectly strengthens the very force it seeks to fight – “Hindu Fundamentalism”. Why Secularism arose in the West? Secularism is separation of state and church. It’s a concept wherein Church shall have no say in matters pertaining to the public governance. [i.e. to save government from church]. Its popularity in West is because of its unique history with respect to Roman Catholic Church. During the middle ages, Church’s dominance on governance exceeded the king’s and this pervading influence caused friction. Protestant movement was political step to end the monopoly of Roman Church as the sole representative of Jesus Christ. Secularization was essential in Europe as Church had a position on every socio-political aspect of public which was also enforced. Thi…