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The perceptual spectrum of life

Ever so often, we come across diverse interpretations of the very same reality that it shocks us beyond measure. I marvel at how people appreciate/depreciate the very same object for entirely different reasons.
A case in point is my complete inability to read lengthy pieces of literature. I often used to wonder how come people are able to read such voluminous books which appear to prolong till infinity. I was convinced that beyond some eccentrics there might be few who venture into these. Until, one fine day it suddenly hit me that if everybody really thought like me, these books should be out of circulation. That, we find such books everywhere is proof enough that there are many others who buy them, who like them. Likewise, the existence of many things which we personally find bad/repulsive is testimony to the existence of people think vastly different from us. Why, even an issue as mundane as this very blog demands that I make some choices regarding the template, colours and perhaps …

The motor of life: Motivation

“Conciliate a covetous man by means of a gift, an obstinate man with folded hands in salutation, a fool by humouring him, and a learned man by truthful words.”- Chanakya Neeti. Any person can be driven or stopped! It’s only a matter of knowing his motive power. Any person’s cooperation can be secured once we satisfy his motivation. And in this era wherein emphasis is being laid on teamwork and coordination it’s a must that we have a more systematic approach towards it. Officially, Motivation might be defined as the “driving force within individuals which impels them to action.” Yet, this idea has been widely prevalent and practiced in India for ages. (Apropos the above quotation) After having read many of the modern motivation theories I’m bound to say that they present a very peripheral understanding of the psychology of man. They’re right only to certain extent. Throughout the early 20th century, when material affluence was in the building and not completely achieved, many were prophe…

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