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Education system! Whole or holes!!!!!

We are born, looked after by our parents, go to school, and spend years getting educated without having even the slightest idea of what its all about! By the time we realize its true worth, the opportunity is gone.
We get to appreciate our education only when we are asked to apply it somewhere! And all the schooling is wasted on the undue prominence on marks. In the rat race to obtain the highest all learning takes backseat and instead any means employed to enhance scores are encouraged.
And the sensitive child who ideally must feel friendly with his peers looks upon them as rivals. This could have a profound impact on their attitude. They look upon better performers as enemies and cultivate deep feelings of insecurity & hatred.  In fact, these days I have come to observe that during my childhood when I used to be good performer, many friends had hard time with their parents. They were subjected to embarrassment because they couldn’t perform as well as me.  This has created …

Tryst with Truth - a poem

Caution: Self-praise in excess! Don't say I didn't warn! { Back in 2002, I saw a Hindi movie "Aankhen" starring Amitabh Bachchan etc. Just as film begins, we have AB pondering over his tragic fate and in the background runs his baritone voice "Saach, bahut hi ajeebo garib hota hai yeh saach!" (4th song! Soliloqi (title song)). So much impressed was I with it that based on some copy-paste wisdom, I liberally poured in many ideas into it to make something remarkable......That mysterious truth, ever eluding even the most brilliant and resolute of minds was something that captured my imagination & fascination.. I deliberately put in some verbal ornaments, so that I pass off myself as talented..My idea was the very words would drive away people, and since most won't admit that, I'll get some mileage & publicity...It worked !! :-)... I wrote this however in my 1st yr Engg one lonely around 2003...Honestly, I'm impressed that with my …

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