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The Insider -- Part 2

[ A fictional account of thoughts of a person who rose from humble origins to become Prime Minister of India, a person second perhaps only to Nehru in political astuteness and vision. "The Insider" -- a semi-autobiographical account of PV Narasimha Rao ends at the point where he, an outsider in reality, finally becomes the insider..Just thought of typing some thoughts with lots of idealism ingrained in the character which many may refute. Its a work of fiction nonetheless and my way of paying tribute to the great leader]

Destiny is often met in the very path we take to avoid it.
And fate intervenes precisely when you’ve finally figured out what you want to do for the rest of life. Not that it was new to me. My journey – from humble origins from a Princely State in pre-independent India to a close ally of the supreme head of Independent India – had prepared me to face the vicissitudes of life. A journey involving tenacious opposition to every step I took towards bettering Indi…

As a writer / critic / philosopher !

[Random thoughts on what I feel must be guideposts for writers (mainly bloggers) who write on social broad ranged topics usually excluding personal lives unless it adds to the narrative. Its pathetically long, but I needed the space to elaborate.]

“A writer is an engineer of soul” – Joseph Stalin

No good style or bad – it’s my style

There are many guide styles available throughout the web which emphasize on a particular style of writing. Among the ones are Chetan Bhagat/ Thomas Friedman kinds who over-simplify and have a curious use of metaphors. On the other side of spectrum are writers who write as though they would like the readers to break their heads to understand them and take creative pride in the fact that few usually do that.

Either way, to each his own! But what I would like to say is that while one must always be open to improvise his writing, one never needs to copy others blatantly. Obviously each writer has their own role model and is creatively inspired by a select few writ…

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