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9 Reasons why 2009 is memorable for AP

The year 2009 has been turbulent beyond measure for the state of AP. By all accounts 2009 has been a golden year for News channels in Andhra Pradesh. The very intensity of dramatic events compelled viewers to stay glued to TVs. Never before the channels had the opportunity to cover such breathtaking events & never before were audiences more eager and anxious to absorb more . The clear victor in the universal mess are news channels.

I bet in 90s or 80s, occurence of similar incidents wouldn't be excited so much hype nor had been extrapolated beyond their worth. Telugu audiences have atleast 14 news channels & till now it appeared that audiences weren't sufficiently interested in so many news channels. But 2009 came to their rescue. Now, people were getting more news-hungry and craving for indepth analysis of news. The change is perhaps coincidental for the issues which cropped up were damn interesting. It began with unveiling of Satyam scandal to more clarity & end…

The tale of two Integrators

"History is not a chronology of events, but the biography of great men."
Sardar Patel is sometimes referred to as the "Bismarck of India". I would say thats an understatement. While Bismarck integrated a set of highly homogeneous states with significant Germany speaking population under the common banner of Germany, what Sardarji achieved was a monumental deed, an accomplishment without a parallel.
I recall the awe with which I learnt about him while studying History back in school. Later when I learnt about Otto Von Bismarck, I was equally in awe, I was impressed by his most famous quote of all time "The great questions of the time are not decided by speeches and majority decisions but by iron and blood."
After the delusions of ideological warfare, righteous conduct and altruistic love and affection being practised by the rulers of the time, Bismarck was like a whirlpool who choose to call spade a spade thus making it amply clear that power is final soluti…

The World As It Goes!

Most of us, in early youth dash towards the world with reformist zeal, suffer retaliation from the inertia & ignorance (or is that ours?), and get back to daily routine of minding one’s own business. Some self-important youth would rebel at this, and may turn pessimistic for the world is not adequately prepared to recognize his “greatness”, but most others reconcile to the fate and few better still accept it harmoniously while continuing their work despite all costs involved. Surprisingly, of all things, commonsense believed to be the most commonly distributed: everyone thinks he is so well equipped with it that even those who are the hardest to satisfy in every other respect never desire more of it than they already have. It takes some time to learn that world would continue to be as foolish and ignorant as we have found it despite all gyan we hurl towards it. Recently while involved in some discussion with a friend on the topic of romantic love, I contended that it’s not…

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