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Hegelian Dialectic as an instrument of social engineering

After long I return to western philosophers (staple of my early works), for I accidentally stumbled upon a hitherto unexplored interpretation of philosopher Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’s famous dialectic philosophy. The man is long dead, but his philosophical ground sprouted thoughts that stormed the world. Karl Marx, the most influential thinker of modern times, was inspired by Hegel.
Hegelian Dialectic Explained
So, the Hegel’s dialectic philosophy is about three stages of development:
Thesis + Anti-thesis = Synthesis
This leads to diametrically-opposite interpretations, Sanction of status-quo (present being considered as synthesis)Revolution against status-quo (present being interpreted as thesis, to which anti-thesis is legitimate reaction).
On the surface this appears to be a discovery tool: trying to make sense of history using these categories.
For example: Capitalism (thesis) + Communism (anti-thesis) = Mixed economy (synthesis)
Not so with Karl Marx who famously quipped: “The philosopher…

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