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Work, Worker and World

“Every conscious virtueis an effort to conceal or correct a secret vice.” – Baruch Spinoza, Dutch Philosopher.
(Spinoza here puts in one line what psychologists speak in volumes.!!  )

There are few interesting observations I have come across these days which make me feel that our understanding of intelligence and skill is somehow incomplete.( Maybe the varied public perception of me as wide and paradoxical as intelligent, stubborn, arrogant to dumbo, confused, etc has something to do with this introspection).
Four months into work, for the first time, I am seeing world to be as complex as it really is. Never was a dynamics of human emotions was so clear and the traditional categories like “good” and “bad” as SRK says in MNIK appear so na├»ve.
It is a common phenomenon that in our earlier schooling days we tend to look to toppers as absolute numero-uno i.e. complete supremacy over “intelligence” etc etc. This concept obviously is skewed for intelligence is actually multi-dimensiona…

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