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What makes for Political Stability? -III

{ In renewed context of Telangana issue }

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail." - Abraham Maslow

The 2nd part of my trilogy was mainly to convince both sides that history is subject to interpretation & no amount of facts/evidence can really influence a person who's not open to change. We must accept a level of maturity while dealing with problems. I think Telangana people have built up a formidable case for their separate statehood & they do have proper explanation to most of doubts that one might cast on their aspirations. Nonetheless if Telangana politicians continue to threaten settlers, they are weakening their own cause.

The problem is this, both sides want to convince & persuade Central Govt rather than convincing one-another. We win justice quickest by rendering justice to the other party. (in words of Mahatma Gandhi). I think both sides would do well to name the obvious instead of masking the real issues under the pretext of some ideologies. In issues concerning such huge risks, property & welfare of millions one can't be dogmatic about their ideals & have to compromise their stand as situation demands & as change commands.

Here, I do think that Seemandhra can open the deadlock & accept that certain mistakes have been inadvertently committed in the past & if suitably compensated for the formation of new Capital they must be willing to let go Telangana. It doesn't look nice to force someone into alliance when the other party is least interested. Obviously they are concerned about loosing Hyd'bad, but then when hatred is so widespread even at grassroot levels, division is better. There is no love lost between the camps. The present situation is so volatile, that any mishandling might impair both parties & the loss of Telugu pride will ensue shortly anyway.

I personally feel that there must be a debate on the future of the 2 regions & how the common resources (water is the one of the most imp aspect of Telangana) can be distributed fairly & justly. Jobs also are important. A Govt job in a family goes a long way in providing a sense of security to his immediate family as well as other relations. The politicians also can't get away with saying that others' are not cooperating. In such a case, they will be forced to act better than present.

Also, if you don't have a readymade cause for all ills (Andhras ), one would soon be forced to accept the responsibility of their shortcomings & in a long run they will improve. To all those who believe that Telangana people can't survive all alone, my question is "Why are you so bothered, when they have so unambiguously stated that they desire to get separated?"

Citing some security reasons etc. are ok, but then, I presume that once people are satisfied by status-quo & the middle class is on rise, most of these will subside. A middle-class person seldom takes law in his hands & respects law. All Andhras of middle-class criteria in Hyd'bad will certainly adjust to the new change without much fuss because that suits them best.

To Andhras, it would certainly take them some more time to adjust because of loss of a Capital. But I believe that it will benefit them in longer run. For arguments sake, let us suppose that, Telangana issue subsides presently. But there is no guarantee that the demand wouldn't resurface again. Imagine if in 1969/72 separation would have taken place, Hyd'bad wouldn't have had the benefit of your hardwork & toil. Now, most have made Hyd'bad their home & a loss of such a city in which one has invested is very much shocking. But imagine the same scenario in 2030. Then would have to loose an even better city. Instead, you can develop your own Capital from now on, the losses( if any) are severely minimized. There is no dearth of unemployed politicians & tomorrow another politician who's not received Cabinet Ministry might suddenly get enlightened & restart Telangana demand. Why live with people who have made you demons? Better leave them!

Telangana demand is valid, because a vast majority of this region wants it. Rest all is subjective. But this fact is objective. Since, they feel they need it, better to come in terms with this inescapable & undeniable fact and discuss the terms of separation than to analyse past because 1972 Jai Andhra riots were also for separation. If its not so now, its because of Hyd'bad. But any delay will surely assume monstrous proportions & soon the separation will become as problematic as Partition of India.

I think its in the best interests of both parties to discuss issues with tolerance & respect and sort out these issues. The role of peacemaker is always hard. Learned professors like Prof K Jayashankar can take the lead & see to it that the inevitable occurs as speedily & peacefully as possible.


  1. Madhav,
    I really appreciate you for taking up the case for separation on peaceful note. As noted erlstwhile before elsewhere, you seem to be atleast to some extent a logically sane thinker and you do make a worthwhile case.
    But again as mentioned elsewhere I still think you haven't captured your inherent conditioning to believe that andhra are superior to telangana. As said before it seems to be unknown to yourself that you are subtly conditioned like that. This subtlity is why you do show solidarity to telangana people in several realms.
    You think hyderabad wouldn't have reaped the benefits showered by andhra people, if state was bifurcated in 1969/72. This kind of argument is actually offending to telangana whether you would like to believe it or not.
    Well.. one more thing is, you make a small misjudgement in making your case by saying that the only bone of contention for both parties is only hyderabad. While it is partially true in case of andhra(given various other reason that include polavaram, water resources and excess resvenues from telangana) it is not the issue at all for telangana. Telangana however strongly oppose any claim of hyderabad because the city had been part of it both geographically and culturally.
    Claiming hyderabad in return for separation is something like, a jailor helping a prisoner escape but asking him to leave his head to save his ass so that the daily head count does not decrease.

  2. Sravan,
    A pleasant surprise really. Didn't expect you here.. Thanks for reading.

    Irrespective of my personal emotions, I think rationally Hyd must be retained in Telangana state for reasons of practicality & also because as you yourself say that its "Head" of TS. (I've some emotions & reasons against it, but none are stronger than yours) Hence, Hyd will belong to TS.

    I really don't know how to receive your mixed bitter-sweet evaluation of myself. I'll not defend myself where none is possible. I don't think I'm s0-called neutral (unlike Sujai), I only think I'm independent (I form my own opinion through my own thinking). It might be wrong! You are of course free to possess a certain opinion abt me.

    I've a complaint against you all as well. I hope you would listen & kindly communicate it to Sujai & others who appear to have lost the neutral track. Its absolutely unacceptable to call Andhra names such as oppressors etc especially since you did have adequate representation in Assembly. Your selfish leaders have let you down. Remember India's downfall in history began with self-degradation.

    We are no such people. Some politicians of Andhra who had misused TS might face legal consequences of their acts. Rest of Andhras have not an iota of guilt for what was not done by them.

    All said & done, I truly believe that Telangana is an idea whose time has come! I see it coming this year (announcement i.e.) To borrow philosopher Hegel's term, "Spirit of the Age" seems to be overwhelming in favour of you people.. (On a sorry note, kindly advise your people against suicides, its most tragic..They must live in order to realize the ambition)

    When separation is inevitable why not separate on peaceful terms instead of degrading each other. We surely can't lay idle (after separation i.e.), we must work & let the fruits of prosperity reach all.

  3. Madhav,
    I really should appreciate you man. As I told you before, even when your earlier conclusions were unsavory to my stand you did make a worthwhile a case.
    And, I do not really apprehend the intentions of other andhra people who show little respect to my arguments. I believe there are more and more andhra people who really would believe me if they seek the truth like you have done. The basic instinct to defend themselves as a group has really made even the most rational thinkers to completely misread the intentions of telangana people's demand and they tend to botch up the entire movement as a political ploy. Believe me most of us arguing for telangana have nothing to do with any political party(like the counterparts) except for we have seen the plights of telangana region since we came out into rational world.
    I hope soon the misconceptions regarding our intentions will be come over making way out for the administatorial bifurcation or trifurcation of AP.
    I sincerely feel that even Rayalseema is today in a great need for separation. Though it lacks a city worthy of capital like Hyderabad or Vizag, I don't see any reason why they cannot develop their own in today's scenario, given that construction of new buildings and offices in today's economically liberated and reformed Indian society is not difficult compared to post-independent times.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Madhav,
    To continue,
    you have seen in sujai's blog that most of us from the telangana side have been trying to convince the andhra side to accept the obvious. But I feel we are just rebutted by straw man arguments and at times the discussion has digressed into very unusual and irrelevant topics.
    Well I do not completely put the weight of the blame on one side, rather I would say- it is in best interest of all, like you said, that andhra should show solidarity towards telangana demand rather than fighting for United AP or unrealistically for Hyderabad. That only helps few vested interests of very few Andhra politicians and Businessman. To see who actually benefits from United AP I request you to visit <a href=">United for whom</a>
    You may have your own reservations and I do not preclude some doubts myself but you will see that you would not need any statistics or complex data to figure out that most of it is actually possible and is happening.

  6. Madhav,

    Thanks for the post!

    It is very important for Andhra to have its own capital. I will leave you to think about why before I post on it. :)

    Best Regards,

  7. Thanks a lot! I have myself some thoughts on this (new cities). Once I write it, we may discuss! Thank you once again!


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