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Narendra Modi : An Idea Whose Time Has Come

So Narendra Modi does it again – winning on development plank for the 3rd consecutive time. There were apprehensions among certain sections that he may repeat a Chandrababu Naidu – who bit the dust despite huge media hype on the contrary. But it was Modi all the way (to Delhi?).

Of course, the usual suspects were interpreting this as depletion of his mass-appeal (one seat less than last elections). 

Nonetheless a victory capturing 2/3 of the seats permits only one interpretation – the people of Gujarat have reposed their faith in Modi. Period!
Narendra Modi in a curious fashion represents the antithesis of Nehru and Nehruvian-establishment nurtured leadership.

Nehru’s Idea of India
Given the carefully calibrated image of Jawaharlal Nehru, many Indians worship him as the paragon of democracy & liberty. Unfortunately, with media & academic centres infiltrated by Socialists/Communists, we are deprived of learning the alternative perspectives.
Nehru is a curious successor to Gandhiji.…

Public Speaking : Tips for Business Presentations

Public speaking is one of my interests and I like to observe and study the speakers’ style. Based on my experiences, I have noted some pertinent points that constitute a good performance.
Clarity: Some feel that using corporate jargon creates a strong impression. But words like “innovation”, “transformation”, “management” etc have been done to death and no longer register an impact. Use of simple words helps people concentrate directly on your point instead of waving through the jargon to understand your point. Language is a tool to communicate your thoughts – it is not the end-product by itself. In writing, the reader can go through the content over and again till he gets the point. In speech you have no such luxury; you must reach your audience right in the first time. And if a listener fails to grasp you more than twice or thrice, you have positively lost his attention for the rest of speech.
Brevity: Blame it on our school educa…

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