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The Creed Optimistic

Time is an ultimate magician, capable of bring about changes that one would dismiss as flight of fantasy or a vain thinking or nightmarish imagination.
Reproduced below is a poem I wrote in my engineering, ironically at a time when I was optimist supreme. Life as it appears is not without paradox. I came about a full circle when I came to appreciate pessimism of Schopenhaeur and immorality of Nietzsche as more representative of truth than optimism which appeared to be mockery of sorts.
The courage of explorers of 16th century stimulated my imagination a lot and I was deeply fired by these men who travelled new roads armed with nothing but their own vision and stood against public opinion, cruel circumstances, fear of unknown and eventually connected the whole world with their resolute will.
The protagonist of the poem is one such explorer who after a prolonged struggle finally makes it. ==============================================
Behind him lay the shores of green,
Behind him l…

Internet: Triggering the Democratization of Knowledge

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth – Then Blessed are the geek, for they shall inherit the earth  - Now
No invention has been as groundbreaking and none as responsible for initiating a shift of power as was the invention of printing press. It undoubtedly contributed to the rise of Renaissance in middle ages which in turn gave rise to modern and progressive thoughts which ultimately resulted in the weakening of monarchy’s and church’s hold over masses. Printing press made possible the easy circulation of revolutionary ideas and played vital role in the awakening of masses. To cut short a long yet interesting story the words of ‘monarchy’ and ‘religion’ were soon transformed into ‘democracy’ and ‘secularism’. Prior to its invention, literacy was the luxury of privileged few, now it has wide reach cutting across all sections of people.

Little realized is the fact that we are now at the threshold of another shift of power very similar to that of which was caused…