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The Myth Of Similarities Between Different Religions

“Generally speaking, the errors in religion are dangerous; those in philosophy only ridiculous.” ~ David Hume
In a rapidly modernizing world it is argued that cultural differences worldwide need to be ironed for a strife-free and rational global society. Religion – being the “opium of masses” has been a fertile ground for sowing hatred and is responsible for consequent bloodshed. Realizing that religion will not simply vanish from the face of earth overnight, the myth of all sameness of all religions has been purposefully built so that people understand that “In essence, all religions teach the same” or “All religions are equally bad”.
Though an oversimplification, this is more or less true of the two important religions of the world – Christianity and Islam. Both have their own history of brutality and going overboard and committing excesses in their zeal to convert others to their faith.
Yet, euphemism shouldn’t constrain us from exploring what might be politically incorrect but true n…

Caste System and Conversions

Many people quote Ambedkar’s works to abuse Hinduism and justify the mass-scale conversations on grounds these lower castes were condemned to suffer for centuries in Hinduism and they convert is to escape the tyranny of this cruel system.
First things first – caste-based discrimination did take place in recent centuries. They continue even today. All right-thinking Hindus must come forward to condemn this unjust system. The original idea was that one should qualify to become a Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vysya or Sudra – the hereditary system as prevalent today is a clear deviation from the established principles.

Ambedkar’s conversion to Buddhism

Ambedkar conversion to Buddhism is itself is indicative of the intellectual power and historical-cultural perspective of Ambedkar for he didn’t choose one among the two more popular religions – Islam and Christianity. We’ll argue this point a bit later.

Below mentioned are two connected notions widely accepted:

·Buddhism was a rebel religion against prev…

The Controversial Caste System of Hinduism

Imagine concepts like feudal system, slavery, capitalistic exploitation and anti-Semitism being used to define the core of Christianity! Christians will be outraged at this inappropriate mixing of the core universal values of Christians and societal & historical aspects which merely existed in a Christian world.
Now this raises the question – why is caste system defined as the core of Hinduism? Especially as “caste” itself is a western construct. Sounds irrelevant?
Okay. Now imagine concepts like slave-trade, war on infidels, brutal subjugation of masses, temple destruction, and forceful conversions marking the core of Islam.
It is considered sensible to first understand what the core scriptures speak about the religion and its universal values. The ills of the community & its societal aspects are differentiated from its core philosophy.
Now, this brings us to the most interesting question – why is Caste System (caste based on birth) propagated to be the defining feature of Hindu…

The Rediscovery of Hinduism

Last few months kept me busy – professional and personal changes were too many to blog. Yet, from an intellectual point of view this was a remarkably fruitful period.
Seven months back, I was hardly conversant with the Indian history and culture. I am not sure what started it – but I came across this blog which stimulated my interest to learn more about the greatness of Indian culture. From that, I moved on from articles to articles until that unveiling was as exhilarating as it was painful.
Several articles from various authors challenged the widely accepted notions of Indian history and sought to expose the political designs behind maligning Hinduism.
Below mentioned are few notions:
Muslim kings were similar to earlier Hindu kings. They mingled with local populace and lived in harmony till Britishers came and used the “Divide and Rule” policy – the root cause of communalism in India today.Muslim armies easily subdued Indian kings who offered lit…

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