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Is Facebook making you bitter ?

Sometimes, I’m inclined to think that Social Media [Facebook prominently] – its peerless contribution to our lifestyle notwithstanding – isn’t making us more social. Instead I’ve observed a downward trend – of otherwise capable & happy people being consumed by jealousy & envy upon seeing their friends happier and more successful.

A quick research confirmed my hunch that this phenomenon is more widespread than commonly believed. And no, this feeling isn’t limited to those apparently at the receiving end of luck. The feeling appears to be universal given that no matter where you stand, you always have some people ranking higher in the social & professional ladder.

So apart from socializing us, Facebook is also burying deep into the recesses of mind and activating the most deadly sin – envy
Why Facebook is different?
In physical plane, we are either directly involved in an event or totally unaware of its occurrence except through stray mentions of others. Our engagement is eit…

The Art of Deduction from Sherlock Holmes

In one of those lazy hostel nights in 2004, as my repeated attempts to sleep were futile, I finally gave up and looked for diversion. By sheer good luck, my roommate just procured a copy of Complete Collection of Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (written by Arthur Canon Doyle) which was lying on the table while he was away at a friend’s room.

I started reading it at once and was so engrossed that I realized not when it had dawned. The next day, I was back to reading it the moment I returned from college. Reading at furious pace, I completed it in 3 days. Never had a book influenced me more profoundly till I came across Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra in 2009.
Sherlock Holmes is a precursor to Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot & our own desi Feluda created by none other than Satyajit Ray (yes the popular filmmaker). From then, many such characters have been created to satiate public thirst – but none comes remotely close to the eternal popularity of Sherlock Holmes. Interestingly, th…

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