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Tryst with Truth - a poem

Caution: Self-praise in excess! Don't say I didn't warn!
{ Back in 2002, I saw a Hindi movie "Aankhen" starring Amitabh Bachchan etc. Just as film begins, we have AB pondering over his tragic fate and in the background runs his baritone voice "Saach, bahut hi ajeebo garib hota hai yeh saach!" (4th song! Soliloqi (title song)). So much impressed was I with it that based on some copy-paste wisdom, I liberally poured in many ideas into it to make something remarkable......That mysterious truth, ever eluding even the most brilliant and resolute of minds was something that captured my imagination & fascination.. I deliberately put in some verbal ornaments, so that I pass off myself as talented..My idea was the very words would drive away people, and since most won't admit that, I'll get some mileage & publicity...It worked !! :-)... I wrote this however in my 1st yr Engg one lonely around 2003...Honestly, I'm impressed that with my limited exposure till 12th, I could try this right into 1st yr B.Tech...}

Note: Having such irrelevant skills is almost a curse for those seeking material success.(very few manage both)... I failed my subjects throughout my engg despite holding a perhaps prejudiced opinion that I was better than many.....My mom is highly dissatisfied that my arrogance has infact increased manifold since the debacle instead of humbling me!...:-) Hahahah

Beyond the sky ,beneath the ocean
Behind the golden veil of illusion
What is true ,what is pure
Of this ignorance what is the cure
The grandest assumptions made
Gradually tend to fade
Which is real ,which surreal
Is often clouded for the inquisitorial

Truth is often beyond any logic
Which makes our plight tragic
Of the theories men have brought
Still he isnt sure at heart
Truth also is what is beyond our understanding
We fail to diognose this element devastating
Unseen,paranormal,uncanny,transcendent beyond our imagination
It transfixes us with its abrupt transpiration
And wearing the mask of truth
Some improbable events tend to believed as truth

We fear this unknown entity
At whose faint rumble do we tremble
Though seemingly near,it is veneer
Though supposedly passive,yet is it elusive
Totally complex and capricious though
It isnt actually our foe
Perfectly cant we dilineate
All we could do is to wait
Let it itself unfold
As it cant be mould

Oh God !! Those creations sublime,these emotions mine
All abiding, everything is fine
Yet I do sometimes ponder
Why indeed it truth so full of wonder
This I yearn to learn,these falsehood to which we are prone
Now paralysed with confusion,I end with a note of confession


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